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Why do I need project management ?

Why do I need project management?

There’s nothing more terrifying than handing the trust and scope of your vision over to a builder. Too many horror stories are close to hand with poor quality, advice and rogue traders. If a builder doesn’t clearly explain their approach to managing your project and its processes then you need to think twice. ” Does this builder really have the care and attention I need to ensure my project is perfect?”

When undergoing any project it is vital that someone takes responsibility to monitor and control each process and stage of your project. When it comes to your home, sound project management could not be more vital to ensure you achieve your desired vision.

Here at Urban Developments we take your satisfaction seriously and we pride ourselves on your recommendation. Whether large or small, we ensure that your vision and satisfaction are at the forefront of each stage of our construction to ensure its perfect for you.

Have a look to see why all our customers are our biggest endorsements and why we believe urban developments is the best partner for you and your next project.

Project initiation

During the first phase, the objective and the feasibility of the project are determined.

Planning phase

The project planning stage is where the team singles out all the work to be done. It’s an ongoing activity almost to the end of the project.

Execution phase

In the execution phase, the construction project management plan is put to work. As a rule, this phase is divided into two main processes: the executing and the monitoring and controlling.

Closing phase (closure)

The final stage of the project represents its official completion. The project manager is evaluating what went well and refers to any potential failures. In the end, the team conducts a project report, calculates the final budget and offers information about any tasks that remain unfinished.

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